About Us

Helen Wanda founded Cyril and Associates in 2008

Helen has a passion for getting to know people and their businesses.  She enjoys developing business relationships so that she can apply her deep knowledge, experience, education and commitment to service to:

  • Help organizations meet their goals
  • Find out the client’s real needs
  • Assist and educate the client about their accounting issues
  • Match solutions to meet client needs
  • Research and solve complex accounting issues
  • Represent clients to the IRS for issue resolution

Helen has a particular empathy for not-for-profit organizations, small business owners, individuals and government contractors who:

  • Do business with and improve their local community.
  • Take their accounting needs seriously
  • Want to know the business implications of the accounting decisions they make

Professional Affiliations:  Helen and her associates are affiliated with the following organizations.  Helen is committed to developing her education, contacts and knowledge within the industry and her community.

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